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Refresh your home with color!

Looking for an easy, chic way to change the feel of your home? Decorate with Color! Discover how using color — from neutrals to the brightest hues — can transform your decor, whether you are redecorating an entire room or simply updating your accessories or wall color.

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Here are a few ways colorful accessories can transform a room!

Accent with Furniture
Add accent chairs, tables or ottomans in a bold colorto perk up a mellow layout. Look for colors or patterns used elsewhere in your room so that the new piece looks right at home.


Photo Credit: Domaine Home

Mix it up with throw pillows.
Throw pillows are a decorating dream when it comes to adding color to a space. Fairly inexpensive and completely replaceable, you can mix and match the color palette to your hearts’s content.


Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Add brightly covered Vases
Add a splash of color to your foyer, dining room or book shelves with vases in rich, bold colors.


 Photo Credit: Tumblr

Dress up the Floor
A colorful patterned rug really anchors a room and makes it more vibrant. You can base a whole design on one vibrant rug — clear out the space, add in the rug, and now you’ve added color, softness and a palette to work from.


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

All Lit Up
Add bright and colorful lamps and or lampshades to lighten up the room. Lamps are bright, functional, and the fabric of a shade can offer a lot of design possibility as well.


Photo Credit: Better Homes and Gardens

Colorful Curtains
Just because curtains are a staple in every home doesn’t mean they need to just blend in with the walls — they’re the perfect way to introduce some color.


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Fill your home with Plants
Not only does having a lot of house plants add great green color to your rooms, it will also purify your air and bring in happy vibes.


Photo Credit: Apartment Therapy

Use Colorful Temporary Wallpaper
Temporary wallpaper adds a splash of color to any room without permanently altering the wall.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


Freshen up Your Store for Spring

Spring is just around the corner and that means it’s time to leave the winter behind us and focus on fresh merchandise, spring time, and best of all, a new lucrative sales season! It’s time to take a look at your store with a fresh set of eyes and rethink how you operate. Below are a few tips to freshen up your store this spring!


View your business through your customers’ eyes. Take a good, hard look at your store. Note what needs to be cleaned, repaired, repainted or rearranged. The idea is that you get a fresh look at your store from a customer’s point of view. Take pictures of every angle of your store. Print them out and hang them up on the wall. This simple technique can give you an important arms-length perspective and how its perceived by others. 

Declutter. Still seeing red and green decorations or merchandise around the store? Put it in storage for the next holiday season. If you have items in stock that just won’t move, rebundle them as part of a spring package deal, discount them deeply on a shelf by the checkout, or have a Spring Cleaning Sale.

Dust & Clean. Now that you’ve removed excess items from your store, dust off your shelves and the remaining items on them. A clean, dust-free shop is an easy way to boost sales.

Rearrange. Consider moving fixtures around in your store to create a new flow. You might choose to roll up rugs for the season and replace heavy drapes with shades or blinds. Then open doors and windows to invite fresh air – and guests – into your store.

Paint. Take advantage of your newly spotless store to slap a fresh coat of paint on ceilings, walls and other surfaces that could use a spruce-up. Use a new color or accent colors to create a fresh look.

Repair. Inspect baskets and carts, toilet seats, faucets, doors, drawers and locks, and fix anything that isn’t in tip-top shape. Your customers will appreciate it.

Organize. At the checkout, place everything your customers and employees may need – no more, no less. Same goes for your work area. 

Change Signage. Is your store’s main outdoor signage fresh, up-to-date and clean?  Signage messages and designs that were meaningful around the holidays or the first of the year may not be relevant in the spring or summer. Make sure your signage reflects this, whether it appears inside or outside your store, in your marketing materials, or on your website and social media pages. 

Update Gift Wrap. Still have holiday gift bags, ribbons, bows and gift wrap in customers’ view? Replace it all with fresh spring and summer designs that appeal to moms, dads, grads, and birthday celebrators. 

As you’re planning and preparing, here are a few merchandising ideas to jumpstart your spring sales.

Winter Clearance Sales: There’s no better time to have a huge sale, freeing up your store for new products, clearing out last season’s merchandise and making a profit while you’re at it! 

Hype up the Spring Holidays: Spring is full of holidays that can make for great merchandising themes. Tie in Easter ideas, Mother’s or Father’s Day, even Cinco de Mayo can provide fun, innovative display concepts. 

Go Green: Spring is about growth and rebirth, flowers, green grass and all of nature’s beauty. Why not feature a beautiful spring “green” display?

Get Outdoors: Beautiful weather and getting outdoors is one of the reasons we love Spring. Why not plan an event outside? Take advantage of your parking lot or your sidewalk and enjoy the outdoors!  Any way you decide, people love an opportunity to be outside and enjoy the warm weather and the fresh smells of Spring.